Common Questions

How do I pay for a plan?

Click on the Buy button to initiate your payment. We use Stripe to process payments. It support all major credit and debit cards and we do not ever store your card details. So no worries about your card's safety :).

What is a Videozyme campaign?

A campaign is simply a project on Videozyme where you add call to actions on a YouTube hosted video and is provided a code that can be used to embed the same YouTube video with the set call to actions on your websites using a Videozyme player.

Can I trial Videozyme before paying?

Yes! We have a FREE plan on Videozyme where you can create 5 campaigns. If you want to create more than 5 campaigns on Videozyme, you can upgrade to the Professional plan. It lets you create unlimited number of campaigns.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. If you do, you'll be downgraded to the FREE plan. Once you are on the FREE plan, please note that only your first 5 campaigns would be remain active.

How do Plan Upgrades and Downgrades work?

When you upgrade, your current plan gets lapsed and the new plan is initiated immediately. Downgrade comes into effect only after your existing monthly plan gets expired.

When will I get billed?

You will be charged immediately upon subscribing and then every month after that on the same date. You will be getting an invoice sent to your email address whenever a payment is made. Please note that the invoice would have the logo and name of Typito, Inc. who is the owner company of Videozyme product.

What is your refund policy?

Videozyme is built as a pay-as-you-go service so you can pay a reasonable subscription fee without committing on a life time purchase. This also means that it is difficult to refund payments after customers have used the service for a few days. We do not have a refund policy, however if you believe your case is an outlier and deserves a refund, please write to us at and we will figure out what can be done :).

How long does it take to learn to use Videozyme?

It's a no brainer if you've already used video design tools like Typito and poster editing tools like Canva. For others, we've setup a small Help center on the right side of the screen where you can find answers to most of the queries and also chat with us online to resolve issues.